A Happiness Journey

30 Day Mental Diet

You’ve heard of 30 day diets and cleanses for your body, well this one is for your brain! It can be really hard to do when you first start, especially if you naturally lend yourself towards the negative, but it gets much easier with time. Before you realise it, judging others, participating in gossip, and complaining about everything will become a thing of the past and you’ll feel so much better for it!


Things to avoid:

  • Don’t watch the news
  • Don’t listen to the radio
  • Don’t participate in gossip
  • Don’t complain – about ANYTHING


When you think of something negative try to consciously force yourself to look at the positive in the situation.


If you find yourself being judgemental or critical (or yourself or others) force yourself to think of 5 positive judgements. Do this every time! It makes you see people in a whole new light.


Focus on your feelings. If you feel down in the dumps then this will affect your thoughts. Try to shift how you feel by looking up into the sky. It’s much easier to think negatively when you’re looking down.


Have a good mood play list on your phone so at any given movement you can shift your mood and energy by listening to something uplifting to you. Extra points if you have a good dance to it. This really will shift the energy out of your body!


Make sure you keep hydrated and satiated. Thirst and hunger go a long way to a negative mindset. We’ve all been hangry so we know it’s true.


Get your sleep.

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