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The Laws of the Universe – Divine Oneness

This is where the list of Universal Laws actually start. This is law number 1, The Law of Divine Oneness.


Regardless of your beliefs on how the world was created, it is widely stated that all of creation started from a singular point. Whether that’s the big bang theory, creator theory, singular consciousness, divine source etc; everything is connected to everything else because everything started from one point of energy, one initial event. Everything consists of, and exists as energy, which is infinite and extends throughout the universe; no beginning and no end.


As I’m sure you’re all aware, even though we may appear as solid matter, we are 99.999% space, and what hold us all together is the vibration, the energy, of our particles. At the subatomic level we are all made up of atoms and atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. If a proton was the size of a basketball, then its electron would be about the size of a golf ball and at ground state it would be flying ‘in orbit’ with approximately 8km of distance in between. That just gives you an idea of scale, and just how much ‘space’ exists within our atoms. Your subatomic particles aren’t fixed, in fact, particles may be flowing into and out of you now from this computer screen, the sky, the floor, your best friend and your worst enemy. In other words, there is no separation. Our energy is infinite, touching and merging with everything. On a physical and molecular level, we merge a little with every human we come into contact with. When we talk to another human being we are breathing in the air they have expelled, taking in their bacteria. We may touch their skin or touch something they have touched.  From that moment, their bacteria is integrating into our systems, through our lungs and the pores of our skin; our very own microbiome adapts accordingly to accept their foreign microbes. It has also been shown that our aura, our electromagnetic field, extends 9 meters out from our bodies, so when we stand or sleep next to a person their energy flows into and mingles with our energy which passes through our bodies. We are literally becoming a little bit of everyone else that we come into contact with.


Whether you believe you ‘are’ a soul or whether you believe you ‘have’ a soul, it really doesn’t matter. I think most of us can agree that there is a ‘Life Force’ that exists; something that keeps us alive. Something that keeps the heart pumping, something that keeps us breathing, until such time as it stops. This force that flows through everything connects us at an energy level.



Throughout nature we see animals sharing and using their collective consciousness. Schools of fish and flocks of birds, kilometres wide, turn and move in perfect, instantaneous, synchronicity without having a conversation about where to go. Insects work in perfect harmony building intricate structures and creating elaborate colonies without having to hold a team meeting to discuss who does what and when. Most human beings (not all) have lost this ability to consciously connect to the global consciousness but that doesn’t mean we aren’t connected.


They were actually able to detect a change in the earths electromagnetic field the moment the plane hit the twin towers on 9/11, such was the collective emotion experienced by so many, all at the same moment.


I’ve always loved the metaphor that like the waves on the ocean, we think we are separate from the other wave, but really we’re all the same water. So if you can extend your belief to entertain the possibility that the planet has an energy field, and that we are part of that energy field, then it really stands to reason that we are all connected. We are all one, divinely inseparable.  So that being understood, it’s much easier to see that what we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others, and the world around us. It is important for us as a human race to start realising and understanding this law.  Everything we do has a ripple effect and impacts the collective of all earthlings, flora and fauna—not just ourselves.


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