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The Laws of the Universe – Polarity & Rhythm

As with most of my blogs, I write from personal experience. I know that things don’t happen ‘to me’ they happen ‘for me’, so when I go through something, I know that somehow it will help someone else on the other side. This past 6 weeks I have been going through a pretty rough patch emotionally. It’s not necessary to go into the details of it, but yesterday was the first day I have felt properly light and happy, for what feels like ages. Then yesterday afternoon a friend of mine texted me to say she’s having a rough time and feels like she’s in a funk that she just can’t shift. Straight away I found it very easy to talk to her about all the things that helped me get through my ‘funk’.


One of the things that helped me, and I was able to explain to her, is this notion that we all think that we’re supposed to feel happy all the time. As humans we are designed to feel a whole plethora of emotions, as diverse and vast as the colours on the light spectrum. Through conditioning though, we are taught that some emotions are ‘good’ and some are ‘bad’. When we are children and we don’t look happy, someone will ask us “What’s wrong?” Like there’s something wrong with us, or we’re broken somehow if we’re not exhibiting joy or happiness in that moment. If you consider this full spectrum of emotions, then really, it stands to reason, that we’re only supposed to feel happy some of the time. Maybe even only half of the time. We’re brought up to enjoy the feeling of Joy but the minute Sadness creeps in, everyone panics, acts like it’s the worst thing to happen to anyone, and sets about the business of fixing the problem. Society doesn’t show us that all emotions, even the yucky feeling ones, are completely normal.


It got me thinking about the Universal Laws, 2 of them in particular. The Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm.


I won’t discuss all the laws today but will break them down over the coming weeks.


Growing up in the age of Newtonian Physics there are certain laws that we are all aware of and are taught in school. But even if we hadn’t been taught them, we would still ‘know’ them just from observing life. From the moment we accidentally dropped our dummy or favourite toy, and it fell to the ground, we would have witnessed the Law of Gravity in action. Many people aren’t aware though, that there are at least 14 other Universal Laws (that we’re aware of). They’re in effect all of the time, whether we’re aware of them or not. They exist to aid in the creation and preservation of life, for the people, or elements, they govern, and if we pay attention to them, we can use them to our benefit, to improve, or at least, to better understand our lives.


14 Universal Laws:

Law of Oneness

Law of Vibration

Law of Attraction

Law of Correspondence

Law of Transmutation

Law of Action

Law of Cause & Effect

Law of Compensation

Law of Relativity

Law of Polarity

Law of Perpetual Motion

Law of Giving & Receiving

Law of Gender (Gestation)

Law of Rhythm


Law of Polarity

This law states that everything has a dual aspect, two sides, two opposing ‘poles’. You can see this duality in all of nature; the North & South Poles on the planet, the negative and positive terminals on a battery, the poles of a magnet, up and down, good and bad, and on the list goes. Things that appear to be opposites are actually two inseparable parts of the same thing. Everything is on a continuum; whilst there are degrees of difference, there are no absolutes. Things that appear to be opposites are manifestation of the same thing. There is a sliding scale where everything sits and a central point where both aspects co-exist, in science this is known as polarity. At what point does hot become cold? or is it always just a continuum of the same scale in which we measure temperature? All of the opposites in the Universe complement each other to create a whole and between each opposing aspect there is a full range of possibilities. Even within one human being, regardless of your gender, the masculine and feminine elements that exist within each of us is what makes us whole and diverse. In polarity, each pole needs its opposite in order to exist and pole has the nature of the other contained within it, they are inseparable.


How we can use this law in our lives

The beautiful thing that this law teaches us is that in every moment, the possibility for everything exists. We only know the experience of joy because we have felt despair. There is just as much space for one possibility deemed positive as there is for the other deemed negative. There may be failure in a moment but there is just as much chance of success. The only reason I feel so amazing today is because I felt so terrible in those past weeks. It is the polarity of life that gives us it’s colour and perspective. If we were happy all of the time then it wouldn’t be known as happy, it would just be ‘existence’ and it would be bland. We need the polarities to truly experience and appreciate all the nuances of life. In any given situation we have the choice to change our perception; it depends on your focus and attention as to which side of the spectrum you will experience – positive or negative.


As I talked about last week, thinking is the only thing within our control, so we can use this to influence the law of Polarity. Polarity will exist whether we believe in it or not, but once you understand it, you can choose which possibility you want to acknowledge. By understanding this law, you can learn to switch your thinking between the polarities, if you choose the negative thought, the negative result will exist. The same goes for resistance, which is the opposite of acceptance. If we resist an experience we deem as being unpleasant, we are placing our focus on the negative aspect of that experience, and we are choosing to continue to vibrate at the frequency of the experience we don’t want.


Even if you just decide to just sit it out and wait, you know that “this too shall pass” and the other end of the spectrum is just around the corner. This brings me to the next Law. The Law of Rhythm.


The Law of Rhythm

Everything in the universe is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transmuted. By its very nature energy vibrates and a vibration is an oscillation back and forth from one point to another. Therefore, the Law of Rhythm states that the universe has a rhythm, a cycle or a pattern. Just like a pendulum, when it swings to one extreme it then has to swing back to the other extreme. Energy flows one way, then the other way. The tides flow in and out, the seasons rotate through their cycles, we call it the circle of life for a reason. Everything in existence is involved in a dance, swaying, flowing, swinging back and forth. The energy from the sun travels to the centre of the planet, only to be sent back to the sun. Everything is either growing or dying.


As the Kybalion puts it:

Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.


How to manage the extreme rhythms of life.

The key lessons in the Law of Rhythm are: going with the flow and knowing that this too shall pass. There are seasons for everything, and change is constant.


Doesn’t it feel amazing when everything is going well? The relationship is great, your job is a success, you’re at the peak of physical health and life feels like it’s working for you. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the tide changes and things can start to go wrong. Our ego’s want to cling to certainties and it’s not going down without a fight!


At this moment we have a couple of choices. We can cling for dear life to the plan we had, do everything we can to resist the change and keep pushing and struggling through, resisting what is, to get back to where we were. Or, we can accept the Law of Rhythm. The law of Rhythm states that we are in constant motion between the extremes, so instead of fighting it, and being filled with the struggle of resistance, we can just ride the wave, let the wave come and go. Enjoy the ride, embrace the beauty of the down, knowing that the up is soon coming. We can still stay focused on our vision and go with the flow at the same time. We can weather the storm. Nothing is permanent. Pain is not permanent. Our situation is not permanent. We can choose to accept these rhythms for what they are and swim with the current or we can choose to fight against them. Just keep in mind that if you choose to fight, you will bring only more resistance into your life. What you resist, persists. When we embrace the ebbs and flows of life, we will understand that things have to die for space to be cleared for rebirth. If we accept and surrender to the Law of Rhythm, we can relax into knowing that we will soon be facing a new season.

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