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Universal Law of Action

There’s a West African Proverb that says “when you pray, move your feet”. It speaks to the fact that it’s very easy to sit around, hoping and wishing, but there has to be an element of inspired action for things to manifest.


The Law of Action teaches that to align to the plan of the universe, to get what you desire, you also need to take inspired aligned action. The law of Attraction and Vibration speaks of setting an intention and aligning your energy with what you want so that you can draw it to you, and the law of Action adds the next important element to the process. Taking action, that is aligned with the energy of what it is you want, will move the needle that little bit closer to where you want it to be.


Action sets into motion our thoughts and desires. It is one thing to sit and visualise your future, but unless you take real-world steps towards your goal, it will only ever remain in your mind. When you move physically towards your goal with an action step, it signifies to the universe that you are willing to get out there and work towards it. Every action we take creates a result. Our lives we are living are the results manifested from the actions we have taken. So if we want our lives to be a certain way, then we need to take certain actions to make it so. This is what co-creation is all about. The universe is happy to help us get what we want and achieve our dreams, but it needs us to do stuff too. We can’t just sit idly by, expecting the universe to do it all for us. I believe in miracles but that’s just taking the piss.


Taking action has always been an issue for me. I’ve always been very good at talking the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, I have a tendency to want to sit my arse down and procrastinate some more. I listened to a podcast recently that spoke about the difference between Passive Action and Massive Action. Passive action is dangerous because it feels like action, it tricks us into thinking we’re taking action, but actually we’re not. Passive action looks like reading another personal development book, doing another course, researching a bit more, writing another list or plan, but never actually DOING the thing that will change our lives. Massive action is literally doing the thing until you get it done. Massive action doesn’t care about the points of failure along the way, it doesn’t see obstacles as being a reason to stop and give up, it just gets up and keeps going until the goal has been achieved. Inspired Action is a little less ‘brutal’ and slightly more ‘intuitive’. Taking inspired action is about getting quiet with your intention and desire and letting the next step come to you.


So, you’ve followed the law of Attraction. You’ve worked out what it is you want and why you want it. You’ve aligned your vibration so that you are opening the channels to calling in the thing you want. If you sit quietly and think about the thing you want, what do you intuitively feel would be the next step to take? It might be picking up the phone, sending an email, visiting a place. It could be literally anything, but what are you being pulled to do? Our intuition guides us all the time. You may not think you’re very tapped into your intuition but you’re getting ‘pings’ all the time. Whether or not you choose to listen or act on them is another matter. A thought that pops into your head that tells you to speak to someone or go somewhere. Sometimes they feel super random and you’re not really sure why you’re supposed to do it. These could be those little moments of inspired action you need to take. You need to trust in the guidance that’s led you to have a certain idea, and act on it.


If you want me to break it down into something less quantum, less woo woo, then let’s talk about Newton’s Third Law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We’ve talked in previous blogs that energy is in constant motion, which is why, when you apply an action, a reaction must occur. Everything you do will have a subsequent reaction and therefore your efforts will never be fruitless or pointless. As long as your actions are in alignment with the vibration of what you’re calling in, then the reaction will be of a similar nature and vibration to your action taken.


So however your action looks, whether it looks like sitting on a meditation cushion and seeing what you intuit, or it looks like creating a bullet pointed plan where you write out what your goal is, and then work backwards in setting out logical action steps to take in succession to achieve your goal, it doesn’t really matter.  You do you. Be authentic to who you are, and it will all fall into place. The universe has your back whether you believe it or not.


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