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Universal Laws of Vibration and Attraction

As I’ve already said a few times, everything is energy; everything from the desk you sit at, to the hand you write with, is energy vibrating at a frequency. Everything is an expression of the same thing, whether liquid, solid or gas, just vibrating at different frequencies. Frequency is defined as the number of periodic oscillations, vibrations, or waves per unit of time. This is what makes something more solid than something else, its atoms are just vibrating at a level that makes it seem really hard to the touch. So it is with our ability to see colour. We are limited in seeing only the colours that are contained within the spectrum of Light – the rainbow. Our first perception of colour is of a dark red. As vibrations increase, the red becomes brighter, then turns to orange, and then to yellow, green blue, indigo, and violet. Violet vibrates higher into ultraviolet where we no longer have the ability to see the colour, just as we cannot see infrared with the naked eye. And it’s not just the things we can touch and see that are energy in vibration, our thoughts are energy vibrating, and our moods are energy vibrating (e-motion = Energy + Motion). This may seem pretty ‘woo woo’ but it’s so commonly experienced that it’s a part of our vernacular. We talk about things being high and low vibe. When we walk into a situation that’s a bit dodgy, straight away we can pick up the negative vibe in the room. Our senses pique, we may experience physiological responses such as the hairs on our arms and neck stand up or we get a sensation in our gut. We can feel when a low vibe person enters a room, just as we’re all drawn to those high vibe people who can just lift the energy of the situation around them and are great to be around.


Vibrations not only affect us, but also impact the people around us. Positive or negative vibrations may resonate in others and create similar vibrations. If we send out thoughts of envy, criticism, hatred, or jealousy, then the same thoughtforms are aroused and sent back by others. It’s like a tuning fork. If you hit one tuning fork then the vibration of that will cause the other tuning fork to resonate at the same vibration. Our brains are just like radio receivers, they pick up frequencies. When you’re around someone or something for a period of time, it’s not long before you start to feel the negative effects as your vibration starts to drop to match their frequency. This becomes particularly problematic in a group environment. Whilst you may be able to use your high vibration to counteract the negative vibration of one person, group cynicism or negativity is very hard to combat when you’re surrounded by it. Another issue with negative vibration, especially within a group environment, is that it promotes our confirmation bias. When a large group of people think something is broken or isn’t working, then their negative vibration will pull to them more of the same, which will support their confirmation bias that everything is broken and nothing works. The cycle just perpetuates.


Our subconscious mind tends to control our energy frequency the majority of the time. It loops around on old thought patterns that it’s thought a million times, most of which would hold a negative vibration. We operate from low vibe beliefs we picked up in childhood that have created low self-worth within us. We indulge in behaviours and addictions of a low vibration and consume TV and social media, all subliminally programming us to negativity. But most importantly, we have the capability to intervene, take control, and raise the frequency of our vibration purposefully. We don’t need to be at the mercy of our environment and our programming. We can curate our environment. We can decide what we watch on TV, what music we listen to, the people we surround ourselves with, the people we follow on our social media, the type of work we do, the thoughts we think and the way we feel. The benefit of this is the secondary universal law, which I’m sire everyone’s heard of. The Universal Law of Attraction.


The Universal Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction is the Law of Vibration in action; basically it states that like attracts like. We get back what we put out. Karma. This law is not punishment, it’s a clear mirror of where you are in your self-worth and mindset. You receive that on which you focus, and you are subsequently surrounded by the outcome of the decisions you’ve made in your past. Energy flows where your attention goes. As with all the other universal laws, it is always in effect. With every thought, both consciously and subconsciously, you are constantly creating. You can’t help it, you can’t stop it, so you may as well have some day in what you create.


Like Attracts Like

Like the pull of a magnetic pole, your vibration pulls in other things that match your vibration, like a vortex. We all know that nature abhors a vacuum. Although we use the term negative and positive, the universe doesn’t respond in this way, that’s a human construct. All the universe knows is vibration. It doesn’t discriminate, it just matches your vibration. If you’re feeling joy, happiness, excitement, then this energy will create more energy with a similar vibration. Same goes for bored, angry, depressed etc. The universe will respond enthusiastically to all vibrations, it doesn’t decide which is better for you, or what it feels you deserve, it just responds to what you are creating and gives you more of the same.


“The Secret”

People who watched the movie “The Secret” would believe that all they had to do is sit and picture their million dollars rolling in and imagine how great it would be to receive it etc. Treating the universe like a giant catalogue usually leads to disappointment when all their wishes don’t arrive. They’d give it 30 mins a day, every day for a month, then wonder why they bothered wasting so much time when they were empty handed at the end of each month. Whether you’re into manifesting or not, this is an interesting law because it really makes you stop and think about what you’re pulling into you. When you look at the quality of your life, your relationships, your finances, your career and your health, are you where you expect to be? Is life as great as you hoped it would be at this stage? Your external world is a manifestation of your internal world so 30 minutes of wishful thinking a day is not going to get you anywhere when for the remaining 23 hours and 30 mins you’re complaining about your job, worrying about your finances, flipping off the guy who cut you off, fearing you’ll never find someone to love, thinking judgemental thoughts about all the people in the shopping centre and wondering “why me??” all the time. The energy vibration will be fixed in the “negative” field and you will simply attract more of things you are focussed on.


When you raise your vibration, without even realising it, your quality of life will just become better. Gradually you’ll notice that the kinds of people who really annoyed you before just aren’t showing up as much. The number of “accidents” and “mishaps” are reducing. People are nicer to you, your circumstances begin to change for the better, and often, you don’t even notice it’s happening until you sit and take stock of your life.


So how does one raise their vibration?

In a multitude of ways, many of which we’ve already discussed in past weeks. You can:

Make a practice of gratitude;

Focus on love rather than fear;

Choose to respond differently to the situations that arise during your day;

Choose to think differently;

Choose to focus and think about the things you want more of in your life;

Choose to experience more of the things that make you feel good;

Choose to deliberately participate in the creation of your future by managing your thoughts and feelings;

Listen to uplifting music;

Curate your social media so you’re not taking in “negative” images and information, basically anything that makes you feel crap about yourself;

Stop watching the news on TV and find a better way of getting more accurate news from different sources;

Stop watching TV all together so you’re not subject to all the advertisements full of consumerism and unhealthy food choices;

Change your diet to food that is higher in vibration. For example, non-processed food that comes from the earth, minimally tampered with by man, technology or chemicals. Food that hasn’t caused suffering or taken its toll on the planet through a huge carbon footprint like import;

Drink spring water that is alive, rather than the dead stuff that’s full of chemicals that comes out of your tap;

Watch movies with less violence;

Stop engaging in habits that you know are not serving you;

Listen to music with more positive messages and lyrics;

Spend time with animals;


Quality human connection;



Move your body.


This list is not exhaustible, and I have only included what I have personally done. I’m sure you can think of hundreds of other things that light you up.


You can also use the Law of Attraction in a deliberate way. If you don’t like where you’re at right now, or you recognise there is room for improvement, then make a list. Where do you want to make a change? What do you want to attract into your life? Are you a vibrational match for those things? Remember, you attract where you are at, so if you want something better, what do you have to do to make yourself better to attract it? There’s no point in expecting to call in the man or woman of your dreams, if the personality traits on your list are ahead of where you are currently. If you’re looking for someone who exudes confidence and has their shit together, have a look at yourself and ask if you’re asking for something that matches where you’re currently at? There’s no point in dreaming of the Ferrari if you’re going around in life behaving like a Vauxhall Astra (I have absolutely nothing against Astra’s, I only chose it because that’s what I used to own). You have to be it, before you will see it!


Neediness in any form is inherently repellent. This also follows in the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, because a lack of something attracts more of a lack of something, just like negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts in a vicious cycle that is hard to break. This is why debt attracts more debt, savings attracts more money, and it is always easier to get a new job when you are currently employed—you don’t actually “need” the job. The best thing to do is stop focusing so closely to what you “want” and instead, think about the things you’re super grateful to have. The universe responds to this high vibration of Gratitude, rather than the low vibration of Need or Want.


There is tons of stuff on the internet on the Law of Attraction so I won’t go into it all here, I’ll keep it brief. The only other thing I will mention is time. It’s worth keeping in mind that linear time is a human construct and not actually the way the universe works, so don’t get hung up on time frames. The Universe’s delay is not its denial, so don’t get disheartened if you don’t get what you’re asking for right away; just keep raising your vibration and trust that the Universe has your back. Ignore the time frames because what you’re after right now, might not be ready for you yet, or you might not be ready for it yet.


Have fun! Dance with the Universe and see what beautiful things you can create together. Life is what YOU make it so you may as well create something special. You’re going to be creating regardless.


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